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Understanding gum diseases by integrating multiplexed-technologies in the microbiome and immunological analysis

February 03, 2023
Using multiple analyses can aid our understanding of complex disease etiologies, such as gum disease. This disease is considered one of the most prevalent diseases worldwide and involves a complex interaction of genetic, social, and micro-immunological aspects. Assessing these characteristics individually provides only a limited understanding of disease pathogenesis, and integrating big-data results from multiple analyses presents a challenge. New findings, presented in this webinar, correlate multiplex data and indicate that gum disease alters with the microbiome and cytokine patterns. At the same time, gum disease affects the way and strength that those factors are linked to each other. Moreover, the inclusion of a higher risk population for disease development allowed us to conclude that this immune-microbiome network could be a new road to identifying specific markers associated with worsening disease.

In this webinar, you will discover:
How multiplex data can be successfully correlated to better understand disease pathogenesis;
Considerations for gum disease occurrence and gaps in current knowledge;
Insights gained from large-scale multiplex data into the pathogenesis of gum disease.
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.