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Microscopy Education In The Digital Age: Upgrade Your University With A Digital Classroom

January 25, 2023
In this webinar, Silvia Zenner-Gellrich , Ph.D., product manager at ZEISS, will share:
How to integrate your microscopes with digital technology
How you can use the Labscope imaging app in the classroom
The benefits of using connected microscopes in your classroom
Universities and schools alike are competing which each other for the best rankings and the best students. There is a strong need for universities to differentiate themselves from one another. Student labs play an important role in standing out. What does your student lab look like? Do you attract the best students? Are you prepared for the digital natives?

With digital classroom solutions from ZEISS, you make your student lab outstanding. In this webinar you learn the benefits of connected microscopes and how the ZEISS Labscope imaging app for iPhone and iPad paves the road for an efficient and interactive way of learning.