Bitesize Bio

Cryo-Electron Microscopy and the Complexity of Cancer

January 25, 2023
In this tutorial, you will find:
How structural biology can change the face of your research
The biological challenges of cancer research
Advantages of cryo-EM for your research

Covering both biology and methodology, this webinar will explain how single-particle cryo-electron microscopy enables us to gain insight into cancer development through the detailed analysis of molecular structure.

In single-particle cryo-EM, hundreds of thousands of images formed by electron scattering of individual molecules or complexes are analyzed to derive their three-dimensional structure. Technological and computational advances have dramatically transformed the field of cryo-EM in the past years, enabling structural insights at near-atomic resolution into assemblies that had not been tractable using any other structural biology technique. Consequently, cryo-EM has become a mainstream method of structural biology, with a multitude of new facilities and research groups being established all over the world within just a couple of years.

This webinar will address the roles that structural biology has been playing in cancer research, uncovering cellular processes involved in cancer development and protection, and guiding drug discovery efforts. The biological challenges of cancer research will be discussed, as well as the unique strengths of cryo-EM as an experimental approach towards these questions, briefly covering the methodology and procedures in sample preparation and data processing. We will illustrate these aspects with some of the latest research from the laboratory of Eva Nogales at UC Berkeley and assess the promises and challenges of cryo-EM in our fight against cancer.