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Analyte Binding Following Sample Filtration in HPLC

January 30, 2023
In this webinar you will learn:
How membrane properties impact analyte binding.
Which physico-chemical properties of analytes impact analyte binding.
The effect of analyte concentration on binding.
Strategies to minimize analyte binding to syringe filters.
High-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis is very commonly used in various industries for quantitation of analytes. However, such quantitation can be affected by analyte binding to syringe filters. Binding can be caused by factors including analyte concentration, and the physico-chemical properties of the analyte and membrane. Although sample preparation is an essential step, any loss of analyte to sample preparation can be detrimental to quantitation.

Join us in our latest webinar as we discuss some factors that have an influence on analyte binding and strategies to minimize analyte binding to syringe filters.

All registrants will receive a link to watch the recorded replay.

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